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I was just thinking of possible ways to make the levels more managable
and I think that one of the most frustrating things that happens is when
you put a lot of effort into the first and / or second form and you get
hit all a sudden and have to start all over from the first one.

So it got me thinking, why not add a checkpoint system so that your
progress is saved once you defeat a form so that if you lose your life
on the next one you automatically start from the one you were on
instead of having to redo the entire level from the beginning?

Of course if you manually choose to restart or select a level from the
menu you would still start fresh but for times when you’re just trying
to complete a level, the checkpoints would give you more motivation
to keep trying so that all your effort isn’t for nothing if you lose a life.

Since the levels are already divided up into sections with the multiple
boss forms that appear, the checkpoints are technically already there
but your progress isn’t saved.

I think that a combination of tweaking certain levels to make them
more managable and a checkpoint system would make the game
a lot more enjoyable and more rewarding for the player.

4 years ago

I think checkpoins would be nice but, it takes away the difficulty of the game. It would be nice if thier was a difficulty changer ex: Easey, med, hard.

4 years ago

I think it could make the game more enjoyable for some players, but I think it’s more rewarding beating a level you’ve struggled on for a bit.

I think something more interesting and “in game” can be done instead of having a checkpoint system or easy/med/hard selections. Like a powerup that, when you die, it instead it prevents your death, gives you 3 fresh shields, but completely respawns all the boss guns/pixels.

Probably you’d also have to destroy something to get this “second chance” powerup - so you’d have to waste some time getting the overpowered item, and your score would be worse

4 years ago

All of the levels I have played require plenty of struggle and will require multiple attempts to get familiar with the various attacks and find a strategy that works, but having the difficulty to the point where only a small percentage of players will manage to complete certain levels while others may attempt them tens of times and spend hours trying to avoid getting hit by the hundreds of projectiles that are on the screen at once. At that point it becomes a frustration more than anything else and it will discourage players from continueing to play the game. I think that even with the power ups there are just too many things going on at once and the game becomes an obstacle avoidance course where all you’re doing it trying to get away from projectiles.

4 years ago

Yeah it’s always gonna be too frustrating for some players… I might make my own “easy” versions of the levels once we add workshop support, so if someone wants to, they can play them instead. For some reason easy-mode mods don’t bother me like official easy/med/hard settings do.

4 years ago

Honestly that’s all I’m asking for, the ability to play an easier version of the levels that is more approachable.

4 years ago